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Hello, We are 1 World Solutions, Inc. and we make awesome responsive websites and applications.

affordable web development, Animation,

and design

1 World Solutions, Inc. is the agile custom website development company that provides the full-cycle web presence to its clients. It does not matter whether you need the personal 1-page website or you are a large business in need of large-scale web application. We take care of it all from start to finish. 

All our designers and developers are working from our office in USA and we do not outsource our professionals.

Our mission is to provide the best websites for less for our clients while using the latest technologies offered by modern web. Among these technologies are: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, SQL, ASP.NET, jQuery, AJAX, JavaScript. But this stuff is too technical... How about these amazing technologies: 3D Animation, 2D animation, Advertisement creation, Design... and on... and on...



Affordable Custom Website Design and Development

The online presence is crucial. We offer an affordable and hi-end 21st century solutions and the look for your new or existing website. Our teams of Graphic Designers and Technology Developers are prepared to convert your dreams into online reality. No matter if it is a simple application, WordPress site, or online e-commerce store, we are equiped with skills and talents to make it possible. And then, we will use our knowledge of the latest requirements by the major Search Engines to promote your website to the 1st pages.


Amazing 2D and 3D Animations and Advertisements

Any website or business promotion need a "gem" that will attract the eye of your potential clients. We can help you with that: 2D and 3D animations are created by us from the scratch, so you won't encounter any additional charges.


Database Design, Tuning and Performance.

If your company already has clients and is selling goods, your website needs to be driven by the database (i.e. a place where you will store the information about your customers, your merchandise, your employees, etc.). This website will need a security, the log-in system, registration form, the catalog of your merchandise, and the check-out form. Or maybe your Human Resources department needs to track your employees vacation hours online. Here is where your database will be irreplaceable. Our MySQL and SQL professionals will make sure your website is able to query all this information as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

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Testimonial #1

written by Lisa P.

1 World solutions team was up to the task no matter how difficult it was for me to formulate my idea. They have helped me throughout the whole process and delivered an excellent product..

Testimonial #2

written by Bill K.

Your design team is amazing!!! My business just got 19 new clients within the week after you have completed my project. Wow, the animation rocks!!! Thanks..

Testimonial #3

written by George F.

It was pleasure dealing with your company. Now our site looks very professional and our e-store works as a clock. You have drastically improved the performance of our website and now people can actualy find us on Google. I do see our website on the first page - I thought it would not be possible..


1 World Solutions, Inc.

website design and development


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