Chevy’s Blazer EV starts shipping, and the electric SUV will cost buyers a little extra

Chevy’s Blazer EV starts shipping, and the electric SUV will cost buyers a little extra

Chevy’s Blazer EV is now going to cost interested buyers quite a bit more. Customers who have ordered the all-wheel-drive RS trim of the electric SUV will see their prices jump to $60,215, up from its original announcement of $51,995.

After destination fees, customers can expect to pay about $10,000 more for the 2024 Blazer EV RS AWD, which dealers will start to receive in August. Chevy also plans to build the 2LT AWD versions this fall, which will now cost $56,715 compared to its previous price of $47,595 a year prior.

The move is in contrast to recent EV price cuts from automakers like Ford, which reduced prices on its Mustang Mach-E SUV, including the Premium AWD trim, which has dropped from $53,995 to $49,995, and the F-150 Lighting truck, which is now up to $10,000 cheaper — as the automaker’s seen an increase in inventory at dealerships.

Uncertainty amongst demand for electric vehicles has even led Tesla to reduce prices on its vehicles multiple times, including its top-selling Model Y SUV, which its Long Range trim is now $50,490 compared to $65,990 in January. Eligibility for new federal credits has also been a factor in fluctuating price tags.

Meanwhile, the base Chevy Blazer EV 1LT model, which was originally targeted for a Q1 2024 release and a cost of $44,995, now has an unspecified 2024 release date. Chevy will instead use the spring 2024 timeframe to build the highest-end SS-trim versions.

The above-base 2LT AWD model includes a 17.7-inch infotainment screen and an 11-inch digital instrument panel, along with heated steering, heated front seats, heated side mirrors, wireless phone charging, and 360-degree surround vision cameras, automatic power lift gate, and adaptive cruise control.

The most affordable 1LT model now has an unspecified 2024 release date — and price

Chevy plans to reveal pricing on the GM-estimated 293-mile range FWD versions of the 2LT, plus a FWD variant of the RS closer to their 2024 launch date. The RS AWD model includes everything the 2LT has, including a now EPA-estimated 279-mile range on a full charge.

The RS also gets extra sporty trimmings like gloss black finishes, RS badge, a different grille, 21-inch wheels, a flat-bottom steering wheel, animated exterior lights, rear seat heaters, heated wipers, heads-up display, rear camera mirror, and self-seal tires. Chevy will also release a RWD version of the Blazer EV RS, which will be built alongside the 2LT, come with Bose audio, have a 320-mile range (GM’s estimate), and cost $61,790.

After GM seemingly ended its affordable EV dream with the Bolt’s death earlier this year (the company announced last week that it would return to the lineup), the Blazer EV was expected to take the role of the automaker’s attainable electric SUV. And now that the future Bolt will share the same Ultium EV platform as the Blazer (and GM’s other upcoming EVs), Chevy might not be as worried about asking a bit more for an EV it can actually deliver this year.

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