MeetKai company intro’s AI metaverse NBA store

MeetKai company intro’s AI metaverse NBA store

AI and metaverse company MeetKai has collaborated with NBA team Charlotte Hornets to introduce the Hornets Virtual Fan Shop, the league’s inaugural virtual store, designed to offer basketball enthusiasts an engaging shopping experience from the comfort of their homes. This cutting-edge platform allows fans to explore the store virtually, interact with products, and make purchases effortlessly using AI-powered technology. The Hornets Virtual Fan Shop showcases a wide range of merchandise, including team apparel, accessories, and exclusive collectibles. It provides fans the perfect opportunity to show their support for the Charlotte Hornets.

The online store, powered by MeetKai’s AI-first technology platform, is inspired by the real-life Hornets Fan Shop located at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. The AI-driven platform offers a seamless shopping experience for fans, providing a wide selection of officially licensed apparel and merchandise. Shoppers can easily browse and purchase items at their convenience while enjoying AI-powered personalized recommendations, enhancing the overall fan experience.

The virtual sports store emulates an in-person shopping experience for customers

According to Seth Bennett, the Charlotte Hornets’ Chief Marketing Officer, the virtual store emulates the in-person shopping experience for customers. Incorporating interactive elements, the online platform allows fans to explore the store’s merchandise as if they were physically present, browsing through the aisles. Bennett explains that this immersive approach engages customers more effectively, promoting a sense of connection and loyalty to the team and brand.

It features various products, such as jerseys, T-shirts, hats, and collectibles, delivered to fans’ residences via the Hornets’ e-commerce partner, Fanatics. The Hornets Virtual Fan Shop is accessible on desktop, mobile devices, or VR headsets. The store includes 3D animations, avatars, and virtual try-on options. The immersive shopping experience allows customers to explore products in a lifelike, engaging environment. Additionally, the virtual try-on feature enables users to see how products such as clothing or accessories would look on them before making a purchase, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

According to MeetKai CEO James Kaplan, the company has always concentrated on browser-native platforms and accessible metaverses, making the partnership with the Charlotte Hornets distinctive within the NBA and across all sports. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in expanding and adopting virtual experiences within the sports industry.

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